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Any tips and suggestions featured here should be used as advice from a UK qualified teacher. Under no circumstances should they be considered expert opinions nor replace any concepts your child has been taught at school. If you haven't already, you may notice spelling and/or grammer erros (okay we did that one on purpose) but that's because we're not perfect and mistakes are okay. That said, we do want our work to look good, if you do spot any please contact us and we will double check. Ta!  

Hi, my wonderful team of writers! Well you've made it this far on the website which makes me think your 'kinda' interested in walking into school in September and find your own book in the library. Cool isn't it! If you are sat (maybe you're stood, who knows) thinking how can I compete, writing is my worst subject and my handwriting looks like a spider, holding a pen in each leg, danced all over my page - then do not worry because we're here to help. 

Right, first off sit down and get comfortable. And yes, that does mean get a drink - it helps us to think. But no, it doesn't mean grab a packet of sweets (although we do agree, they're yummy). Next, I want you to understand that the wonderful thing about this years competition is that we are only looking for stories and  poems that fit our 4 key genres. All 4 genres require you to retell a memorable moment that happened in your house during isolation - the best part of that is other than the people you live with, nobody on the planet knows if it's the truth or exactly right. That means you can make it up a little, exaggerate a little, add some funny reactions and quotes and do all of these things knowing nobody can correct you - you're the author, you're in charge. 

We also want to tell you something that is a bit of a secret. (Teenagers we know what your thinking,'a secret, but how can it be a secret if it's on this website for the whole world to see' - blar, blar, blar stop being grumpy and join in the fun.) When you write something original (a new idea) you become the first person in the world to think and write that idea - nobody in the world, until you just did then, thought of the idea in the exact same way you did. Now that's quite a something! 

We're not interested in how much punctuation you manage to use (although use it if you can), we're not interested in using 'WOW' words (but do use them if you can) and we're not just looking for those than can write really well - we want this competition open to every child which is why we 100% guarantee to make sure spellings and grammar are proof read (checked) before we publish them in our book. So if you make a mistake do not worry. We want to hear your exciting stories exactly the way you want to share them with the world. So pick up a pen and get going - an adventure awaits.   


Q.      How can I possibly compete with high school pupils?

We guarantee to publish a wide range of ages. If you try your best that's all we can ask, so stay positive and give it a go. 


Q.      How will you want me to submit my work?

When you're happy with your final piece of work (remember you are only allowed 1 entry) visit our submission page which will help you understand how to submit your entry to our competition. Photos will ONLY be allowed if you have an illustration to go with it. 

Q.      How much does it cost?

This is a free competition for all children under the age of 18. 

The only cost to pay is your pre-order of the final published book. Please note that we are NOT selling our book in stores and you can NOT order the book after the competition is closed. If you are supporting this years cause we welcome you to place a pre-order of the book when you submit your entry - who knows, you could have just ordered your own childs book. The reason we are only accepting pre-orders is that we want as many people as possible to read these magnificent isolation stories from the children regardless if your child's work features. 

Q.      How will you decide who wins?

100 well-deserved stories/poems will feature in our published hardback. The 100 children will vary in age and a team of UK Qualified Teachers will help determine our winners.  

Q.      You're selling my story, do I get rich?


This year any monies above our costs (known as profits) will be donated to our cause - which is detailed on the home page. 

When you submit your work to us (this is where an adult must fill in the form) you are agreeing for your work to be used in our published book. You are doing this royalty free.  

Q.      This is a great idea for children to become inspired to write, can I share it on social media?

We're glad you think so! 

We've set up this competition to inspire our young people to still be creative with their writing.

Yes please share this on social media. 

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