Founder/Team Leader

Darren A Daly

Founded Since Isolation 2020


An educator's natural instinct is to inspire others to better themselves and that's why in March 2020 we set on a mission to create a competition that would change lives. With a prize of becoming a published author and profits that are donated to our charitable theme, this competition looks to reach out to every child in the country and empower them to escape isolation through imagination. I can't wait to read your work! 

Official 2020Competition Judges

Dr Kate Timms

Competition Judge

Kate is a scientist at the University of Manchester who loves to read, write and spread a love of science to the next generation.

Mrs Joanne Mimnagh

Competition Judge

Joanne is a Senior Lecturer in Teacher Education at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her field is languages and she is very much interested in promoting literacy and creativity in first and second languages.

Could this be you?

Competition Judge

We're still looking for potenial judges. Please fill out the form today.

Believe in yourself

My competition is open to every child, because I believe in you all.

Dream Big

This competition could unlock you a future as bright as the stars that shine.

Everyone has a story to tell

With specially chosen themes/genres change the world and tell your story.

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