'If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.' Give your school an opportunity to escape isolation with imagination today and become a great leader of young and creative minds.

Our current turnaround from enquiry to live competition is 5 working days. 

Founded by a fellow educator, we believe in the power of creative writing at a time of isolation. We have set up a new competition that will turn some of our youngest pupils into some of the youngest ever published authors - why don't you set up your FREE to enter competition today and help us, inspire our young people to believe in the power of imagination . 


How does it work?     

We like to keep things simple: it's as easy as 1 2 3.

First, come up with a theme that is relevant and will engage your pupils. Think about how you can expand their cultural capital at the same time. Remember a theme should underpin and guide your learners so that they're not looking at a blank piece of paper with no idea of where to go with their story/poem. The more relevant, interesting and inspiring your theme, the better the response from your pupils will be.

Next, come up with the rules. No we don't mean how to line up or walk in the corridor, an excellent competition needs some basic rules for the participants (your learners/pupils) can engage with. Think about how long you would like it to be, the genre you would accept, are you going to allow illustrations, when does it open/close etc.

Finally, perhaps the best of all - come up with an engaging and exciting prize for the winner (or winners). If you would like some help with this, please indicate that on the registration form. 

SOOOOOOOO...What are you waiting for?

By completing our 'Set up my Competition' form you have taken the first key step - our wonderful team of creative teachers will have you set up in no time and be in touch with you shortly.

School Database     |     £00.00

To help your school community we will provide the submission database for FREE. When a child enters your competition we will store their entry and forward it onto your agreed contact.

Website Page     |     £00.00

To help your school community we will provide details of your unique competition on our website for FREE. Children will be able to submit their writing here for FREE too. 

Creative Consultation     |     £ 00.00

To help your school community we will review yourcompetition, including its rules and theme and contact you if we have any suggested enhancements for the children to experience.

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