Picture yourself bringing joy to the world

100% of profits donated to our 'Key Worker's Charitable Theme'.


Our theme is isolation .

Isolation has so many negative responses that we want to share some sunshine from the word. Spending time in lockdown at home, we believe, can be the birth place of some eye-watering, tummy-achingly funny stories and moments with our nearest and dearest. We want to share these with the world -so what are you waiting for; pick up a pen and enter!

Remember this year is our first year and we want to donate all profits to our Key Worker theme.

To enter for a chance to have your story published, make sure it fits into one of our 4 genres: check them out below. 

Competition genres

Remember to enter our competition your story/poem must fit into one of these 4 genres.

I didn't know you could cook!

Tell us all about the funny food and dishes you've had to try because all the restaurants are closed.


Let me get the popcorn ready - this is going to be hilarious. Share the funniest things that have happened during isolation.

Help my parents are teachers!

Do your parents love being teachers? Tell us all about it!

Family Love!

Isolation brings us closer to those we live with; can you share a story that would warm our hearts.

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