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Escaping isolation with imagination

**All profits donated to 'Key Worker's Charitable Theme'**

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NEW IN 2020

For the first time ever any child can submit their Isolation stories/poems

and become published authors. 

We're calling all children to pick up their pen - an adventure awaits!

A time spent with family

Did your isolation bring you closer to your family?

Submit your story/poem now!

Help! My parents are crazy!

Schools are closed and teachers are caring for Key Worker children - did your grown ups at home become your teacher and drive you crazy?

Submit your story/poem now! 

My siblings make me laugh

Did your isolation come with funny moments with your brother or sister?Submit your story/poem now!


Born from the isolation of our founder, we've come up with a writing competition that's so exciting it will drive you crazy and take you on an adventure only story writing can. 

This year our theme is ISOLATION. We're looking for stories and poems that match any of the following:

I didn't know you could cook

No restaurants means someone needs to cook. Share with us what your food has been like.


Spill the goss... has something happened during isolation that would make us cry with laughter?

Family Love

Can you write something that will warm our hearts?

Help! My parents are teachers

Do your parents love being teachers?

Have they become masters of creativity or are you teaching them?

Profits for 2020 will be set aside for Key Workers.

We believe that nobody should profit from CoronaVirus so our promise this year is to use the profits from this competition to make a difference.

This year our theme is ISOLATION and our charitable theme is KEY WORKERS.

Any monies left over from the cost of running and delievering the competition will be set aside for Key Workers. 

Our 100 competition will help decide how best we can make a difference. 

You can keep up to date on how your entry has had an impact on a Key Worker. 

Let's change the world

Founded during isolation of 2020 we want to inspire the future of the world to become creative and fulfil their true potential. Your story could bring joy and happiness to families everywhere; so what are you waiting for. Let's escape isolation with imagination. 

Darren Daly (Founder)

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